Please Choose Wisely

The Magazine Title Says it All
The Magazine Title Says it All


We have an election coming up on Tuesday in which Republicans will choose largely between Mike Smigiel and Andy Harris. The choice should be an easy based on just a few facts.

I’ve just started paying attention to the congressional and senate races. What is up with Smigiel?  I mean really, what’s with the vitriolic hatred of Andy Harris? It’s not like Andy is ineffective. Anyone who saw Andy in the MD state senate would know he’s the real deal. And has continued this in the Congress. Andy has brought is clear conservatism to Washington. Why would Mike want to disassemble Andy’s work?  Any ideas? 

Wow. What’s up with this? I’ve met Andy Harris and he’s no liar.  Look into this and you’ll see Andy voted “Nay” on the final bill.  Again, Mike, this is bold statement to make about a principled sitting Congressman. You make it sound like he a deadbeat, deceiver, and criminal. But Andy Harris is none of those. If you can run on your merits don’t run.